Meet the artist for my book – Evgeniya Kazimirskya, (known to most as Genia) was born in Minsk, Belarus in the Soviet Union era in 1982.

She followed her grandfather’s footsteps, who was a brilliant self-touched fine art painter. At the age of 10 she attended an art school under the Achremchik’s National College of Art in Belarus. She graduated the college in 2000 from the faculty of monumental painting. Genia also explored poetry, songwriting and avanguard fashion in Moskow, Russia and Belarus.

After immigrating to Canada in 2004, and reuniting with her father, she began painting and drawing again. Being inspired by the new country, Genia wanted to create the art she feared she forgotten how to do. Canada gave her a fresh start, unleashing her creativity and allowing her to utilize the skills taught by one of the best artists in Belarus! The skills she learned as a child, accompanied by years of perspective, produced a much more mature art than she had ever made before.

Genia has done close to a hundred of commissioned art work in the 11 years of living in Edmonton, Alberta. She has also owned & operated “No Cliche” gallery, where she was selling work from professional Belarussian artists.

Since 2016, she has earned the opportunity to withdraw from strictly commission work and be represented by a gallery. “This is a huge step¬†forward for any artist! All we ultimately want is¬†TIME to create” says Genia. She is currently working on various projects locally, but is expecting representation of her work in galleries throughout Canada. Proposals are currently being accepted. She can be reached at or view her work on her website

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