I invite you to join me as I reach out to communities locally and around the world.

Here are my upcoming events

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I am in Grenada from October 1st – 7th!  Here is my schedule of events…
Oct: 3-4th -distribution of school supplies/ Grenadian TV Interview;
5-6- Personal Development Classes – self esteem/ depression at Regab Centre for youth;
7th- visit sister island of Carricou – speak with local women on sexual abuse/ self esteem
8th -Sexual Abuse &The Law Community Event-Guest Speaker; Holy Cross Primary School – Hands of Hope for Canada  (in AM)
9th – women’s shelter – topic is strangulation awareness (in PM);
11th – Sexual Abuse & The Law in different community event;
12th St Andrews Anglican Primary School – Hands of Hope for Canada (am) Rehab Centre for youth  Personal Development Class – anger managment (PM);
13th -women’s shelter – self esteem (am); rehab centre for youth Personal Development Class -goal setting (PM)

14th meeting in Barbados with Jabez House with different charity representants;
16th Overcoming Tough Times at women’s shelter in Barbados