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As children our environment teaches us our worth and value. Often we learn that we don’t have a voice in our well-being. As adults we feel the same way and live our life accordingly. The reality is, that is not true. Your value and worth are determined by you, not by what you went through. Learning how to set boundaries in your thoughts gives you the foundation to use your external voice to set healthy boundaries, which keeps you safe. Use your voice, it’s the most powerful tool you have.

Author and motivational speaker, Kathy Tuccaro shares her inspirational story of hope. She recounts the horrific abuse she experienced and how she found her voice and said, “Enough is enough.” Kathy’s book, Dream Big! is an inspiring book that not only gives detailed accounts of her life, but it gives you powerful tools and strategies that will help you too, find your voice, and dream big.  Listen by clicking below.