Hi friend…welcome to my website and welcome to my life.  I am excited to share it with you and very much look forward to learning more about you.

Everyone has pain or a past they wish they could forget.  I’m here to tell you that your pain can be the catalyst for change.  It can be a shell you step out of into a new life full of promise, joy and peace.

I come from a past of much pain – sexual, emotional, physical and mental abuse and through a series of events, have come out on the other side.

I invite you to join my on my journey as you read my book, Dream Big.  You will be inspired, empowered and encouraged  to take the next step in your healing.

In the pages of my new book you will uncover…

How one woman’s determination to overcome her fears and insecurities pushed her to heights she never knew existed!  Experience the incredible transformation as she learned to believe in herself again and recognize the burning flame of potential that lay dormant inside her for so many years!

You will be empowered to push yourself beyond any limitations!”

• Learning to believe in yourself is the foundation which success is built on and it will skyrocket your self-esteem to the moon!

• Re-train your brain to think differently.

• Discover the powerful force behind the art of contemplation.

• How confidence will give you what the phone booth gave Superman!

• Maintaining balance in mind, body and spirit is essential in unfolding into a better spiritual being.

• How taking an honest but difficult look at oneself is key to discovering your own Truth.

• Learn how to have the “Eyes to See” and the “Ears to Hear” what’s really going on deep within your innermost self.

• Learn the super easy secret of “I AM” factor.

• Uncover what has been stopping you and how to change it.

Here is a peek into my life…

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Dream Big will be available in French in August this year!

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