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Jul 27

Written:  APRIL 12, 2017

I recently had the incredible “Golden Opportunity” to spend time with abused women, youth and children in Grenada (Caribbean) A church full of children receiving my “Hand of Hope Project” from Canada to Grenada was simply priceless! They in turn colored a sheet with the saying, “Give a Child Hope” with a huge flower in the middle. They wrote from Grenada to Canada and signed their names. The time spent with them will forever remain in my heart! We toured 2 schools, a local women’s shelter and a Juvenile Detention Center. We also held 2 separate sessions with the workers of the juveniles and their Probation Officers.

Abuse is rampant all over the world and I simply refuse to remain silent anymore! I never had a voice in my own story called life for the last 40 years, so today I take a stand for all those still unable to voice their fears and share their stories of trauma & abuse. I aim to inspire those still caught in the throes of pain and terror. My goal is to give hope by lifting up the hurting and show them the way to helping themselves change their lives by educating them on personal development topics such as Boundaries, Codependency, Depression, Self-esteem and Self-care. It makes all the difference in the world when you have a healthy self-esteem as it affects the decisions you make and who is in you immediate environment.

This past week in Grenada was the official launch of our Movement on “Breaking the Silence” on sexual abuse and violence against women. Keep posted as I continue the fight to raise awareness on the subject and follow me as I travel where ever GOD brings me to educate those ready and willing to listen. Change starts with each and every one of us looking within ourselves in order to get to the root of the problem, and figuring a way to rid ourselves of the excess baggage that we tend to carry with us everywhere we go. I know many a strong woman who once believed they were weak and worthless; today they are powerhouses and are changing the lives of many around them. I believe in you!

Always Grateful,