Hopes for Dream Big!

By kathy | Kathy's News

Jul 27

Written October 3, 2017

I am sitting here in Bryant Park in New York City, wondering how in the world did I end up here?  I just spoke at a Women’s Empowerment Conference at the JFK Hilton Hotel and know that I affected in a great way many of the women who listened. I am returning to Grenada in two weeks to continue my fight to educate women, youth and children that any form of abuse is not OK. I am then spending a weekend in Barbados working with another Charity who helps women obtain skills to help themselves in life. I will be going to Minneapolis to rejuvenate my energies at a Spiritual Seminar, then off to New York once again to speak at a high school about overcoming tough times, then will be meeting over 100 TV producers, radio show producers and journalists about my book. Can you believe it? Who knows what will come out of that??

I have always said I would write a book about my life because nobody would believe me otherwise. However I had also said I would do it when I retired as a project to keep me busy, but last year I was asked to speak at Women in Business in Brooks, AB and the organizer told me flat out that I was writing a book. It actually sounded like a prophecy, so I jokingly responded that one day I would. A month later I attended a Get Motivated event where Black Card Books was there talking about how if you want to be a successful speaker, then write a book because it will give you credibility and shoot your success way faster than anything else. The way they put it, I knew I was writing it NOW and not when I retired. Besides, in this day and age, who even knows if you will live that long? I started with a pen and paper while sitting in the 208,000L water truck at work while waiting under the water tree for the tank to fill up. I hand wrote the book in a month and it took 13 months to bring it to be published.

I went with self-publishing because my story is an important one and didn’t see the need to get approval from some major publishing company whether or not it was good enough for them. I KNOW its good enough and that is all that matters. What mattered to me was the importance to get it out there for those that are really struggling and who just may need a boost of inspiration that change is possible.

I volunteer with people who have suffered greatly in life and are struggling to get their lives back. I wrote the book for them to inspire them that they can do anything they set their minds to. If my personal story will get them moving into a different direction, then I am happy to share. The hardest part about sharing my story was realizing that my co-workers will know my very personal trauma, whereas up until now they just see a very happy person and have no idea of any of my history. I was having major anxiety about it until I realized that maybe they have family members or loved ones who are hurting and the book just might be of assistance to them. The hardest part of writing the book were some of the intimate details of the trauma, because even though I had spent almost 2 years in a women’s recovery program dealing with all the trauma, you still relive it as you write about it. I sometimes still grieve over the loneliness and sheer sadness I felt through my entire life and not being able to share my pain with anyone. The book doesn’t tell all details because there are just too many, but reliving it brought back much sadness but also disbelief that I actually am where I am today. When I look back at all I have survived and am doing so well in life, blows me away sometimes! It is this feeling that pushes me to keep putting one step in front of the other every single day and work even harder to help others going through the same thing.

I am hoping that readers will take stock of their own lives and what they are not happy with, and start to make changes within themselves for a better tomorrow. I am just another abuse story and there are millions of others; some a lot worse. The point is, you don’t have to continue to tolerate it, and you can change your circumstances if you really put all your effort into doing so regardless of all the obstacles that come your way. Life is a choice and our perception of it will determine what our tomorrow will bring in our life. If you don’t like something in your life then change it. It starts with you and where you want your direction in life to go. Change will not happen until you take a long, hard look at yourself and who you really are beneath all the masks you wear. You need to find the root cause of your pain and misery which reflects on your behaviour in life, then start taking the necessary steps to change it. In today’s society there are so many free resources online that the only excuse you have is yourself! You will ultimately be the biggest barrier in your own story of success, so push yourself beyond what you were told you can achieve and redefine your story to your liking.

I would just like to add that life will be what you make it so make it a good one. Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. It starts with you. Drop all precepts of what others may or may have not said about you, and start with what is important to you. Set yourself some goals and work towards them every single day, even if it is a small thing. Tap into your own inner Divinity and use it to gain strength to help pull yourself out of a place you don’t need to remain in. If you need help, then reach out and go get it! I waited for decades for someone to come and save me until I sadly realized no one but myself could save me. I used my pain as a catalyst for change and ultimately it up to you to do the same. It is ok to look back, but you just don’t have to live there. Change is Possible!

My hopes for Dream Big is that it will ultimately get people going in a direction outside their comfort zone. I hope to inspire many that they can always say;” This is NOT how my story is going to end!” and change it. Many people get stuck in a rut and don’t know where to start in order to change. My number one belief is that the first place to start is this: MAKE A DECISION! That simple! Make a decision and commit yourself to following through with it. Take a step every single day for you and for what your goal is. Change will automatically happen. Continue to fight for yourself and what you believe in without letting the power of negative input from others change your mind. Stick to your guns and stand firm in your beliefs.

Dreaming Big for your life will bring you to a whole new level that you never thought possible! Take a chance on yourself and have Faith that your dream will materialize if you work at it!

Kathy Tuccaro