Vibrate Higher

By kathy | Kathy's News

Jul 27

Written December 13, 2017

What do you do when confronted with negativity all around you? You vibrate higher is all. Learn to see the world around you with a new set of eyes and hear it with a new set of ears; you might just be surprised at what the reality is hiding behind the illusion we call life.

Negativity can only affect you if you remain on the same frequency as those who are sending it. Teach yourself to rise above it; see your situation like a game of chess where you are able to pick and choose your moves wisely. Remove the pieces that are blocking your path and add those who will strengthen it.

When you tolerate negative behaviour around you, ask yourself why? Don’t settle for a simple answer like “I don’t know”. Really do some self-reflexion to figure out why in the world would you allow someone to put you down? Are the opinions of another human being more valuable than your own?

That leads to the next question: How do you value yourself? If your self-esteem is low and you feel decidedly crappy about yourself, the fact that another human being tells you are only confirms what you already thought? NOT!!! Don’t let the opinions of another person determine your own self-worth! If you are carrying around excess guilt & shame for whatever reason, then address it sooner than later. Controlling people will use your own vulnerability to gain control over your thoughts and your life.

If you allow yourself to be trapped in the handcuffs of guilt and shame, how do you ever expect to be free to conquer your dreams? You are holding yourself back by default! It’s not what you think you that holds you back, its what you think you’re not. Remember, you are only confined by the walls you build yourself.

You have the power to create something big in your life, why are you wasting your energy and time on those who will drain you? Time to pull yourself out of the self-made cocoon and break free. Fly on your own two wings and soar to heights you never dreamed you could. It’s all there waiting for you to find the courage to fly and vibrate higher than the average person.

When you are able to Vibrate Higher, it gives you a different perspective in life. You elevate yourself above the masses and look down to see what changes are needed to be made in your life. How do I do this you might wonder? By meditation/contemplation every day for 20 minutes. The fact that you are able to sit quietly and go deep within, is a huge blessing which will only bring you to heights you never knew existed. It will give you a direct connection with the Holy Spirit and this is where your answers lie.

Use your imagination to go to a place of your own creation, and find your place of safety. You can do all sorts of Spiritual Exercises to elevate yourself higher. Be creative in where you go to visit other worlds. The idea of these exercises is to bring back with you what you have discovered. Bring the inner peace and love back with you to counterbalance the negative pull you are experiencing from your surroundings.

Vibrate Higher. Do not let the negative words and actions of others pull you into a place of darkness making it difficult to see the light. Most times you have to create your own sunshine. I have relied on others my entire life to be my saviour when in all reality, I am the only person responsible for saving myself.

Vibrate Higher and you will see those not strong enough to follow you fall away like dead leaves in the autumn winds. View them as energy robbers, sucking the very life out of you. Allow them to fall away from as you gather your inner strength to rise above the stormy waters. You don’t need them pulling you down. Take a good look at your life and all who are in it. Are they helping lift you up, or are they dragging you down? Feel no remorse or undue obligations to anyone. This is YOUR LIFE, live it in peace and harmony because it will be over before you know it.

Vibrate Higher and you will find your inner strength to pass all of life’s trials and tribulations. You will find that accepting yourself for who you truly are is much easier when you are on a higher level of consciousness. Be all that you were meant to be, and not what someone else says you should be!

Follow your heart and it will lead you down the true path, but you have to be willing to leave some behind who will only hinder your progress. Press the DELETE button on those who will attempt to change your mind in the pursuit of your own happiness. Years of nursing has taught me that life is precious and time is short so why are you wasting it on people who wouldn’t jump a puddle for you, never mind cross an ocean?

Believe in yourself and all that you are and Vibrating Higher will be easy!